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  1. Souroush Photo Creations

    07/15/09 23:55:46 | 0 Comments

    I am very fortunate to have some truely artistic people in my family who share the same passions as I do. One of my passions is photography and I would like to share the talent of a family member!
    GatekeepersWindow.jpg picture by Justcynthia
  2. Virginia City,N.V. a living ghost town

    07/09/09 02:15:55 | 0 Comments

    Virginia City, NV; a living ghost town.
    There is no doubt Virginia City is the best known of the early Nevada mining towns. This is where it all began. There is simply not enough space to properly and adequately describe all that happened in the city that gave birth to the fabulous history of Nevada's gold and silver mining processes. To say there is much to see, appreciate and understand from a visit to Virginia City is an...
  3. BODIE; California ghost town

    06/17/09 19:56:05 | 2 Comments

    BODIE, California"Good-bye God, I'm going to Bodie."
    The Story image The Pictures Location: 50 miles south of...
  4. Jacqueline Cochran 1st woman to break sound barrier

    06/08/09 23:47:43 | 0 Comments

    Jacqueline Cochran From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Jacqueline Cochran
  5. The Strength of a Sparrow

    06/04/09 22:49:05 | 0 Comments

    Son of Catholic priest tells all in new bookimage The Streng Read More