I am very fortunate to have some truely artistic people in my family who share the same passions as I do. One of my passions is photography and I would like to share the talent of a family member!
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Soroush was born in the Middle East and raised in England. He attended university and raised a family in California.

Soroush retired after 35 years of work as a Special Educator in the fields of Mental Health and Corrections. He has been a photography hobbyist for the past 40 years and is now developing and displaying his photographic skills on a professional level.

In his photography, Soroush focuses on form and color. He asks himself "what was it that made me take a second look?" He then tries to capture that feeling in his images. His subjects range from the natural to the artificial, from the close detail to the grand scale. His images are available in all sizes and forms from greeting cards to large gallery wrapped canvasses.

The fine photography of Soroush reflects the diversity of life, light and form.

Contact Soroush: [email protected]
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I just received this in the form of a birthday card. I always cherish and keep his cards!
This is taken in Lake Tahoe, a place I lived for a year and have always loved, he is so thoughtful. I proudly display two large pieces of his work in my home, such precious gifts.